Taking an Interest in Photography

I started to take photography seriously in 1988 when we were living in Aberdeen. I was dissatisfied with pictures I was taken of the Scottish mountains and Aberdeen Harbour. I looked more deeply into the subject and enrolled for a photography course at night school at one of the Aberdeen colleges.

My first serious camera purchase that year was a Chinon CP7m kit sold by Dixons which included a 28-70 mm manual focus zoom lens, flashgun and camera bag. I probably learned more with that camera than any other to this day and could have saved a fortune by keeping it for much longer than I did. However, I kept reading in camera magazines about Nikon and Canon cameras which most “serious” photographers used and then there was autofocus. In 1990 I sold the Chinon and bought a Canon EOS 10 camera. This had a 35-70 mm autofocus lens. It also had a bar-code reader to select various programme modes - I don't think Canon used these again! In 1995 I traded this in for a Canon EOS 50E with a 28-70 mm USM III lens. In the 1990s we revisited Scotland for a lot of our holidays and I took a lot of slide shots with the EOS 50E on those visits.

John Reynolds